Kiwee for Kiwee

We work for our Clients but we work for ourselves as well!

For us it’s very important to make everyone feel happy and comfortable at Kiwee. We like to celebrate small successes, our anniversaries but we also find time for a small celebration on everyday basis.

Graphic design

At Kiwee we believe that people goes first and ideas should grow big!

Everyone has a mug in every single office but only at Kiwee we have handmade mugs with custom made design! It’s a small thing but makes us happy. It’s good to have your beloved pet on your lap and on your mug when you’re at work!

kiwee banner

Kiwee mugs

We also decided to bring our garden inside the office and we hanged our moss made logo above our desks to keep spring inside even when it’s snowing outside.


Our office is not our home and that’s good! It’s the place where we can meet, create, teach, learn and have fun. And that is what it is all about!


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