We create elegant, scalable and robust eCommerce ecosystems which core is based on Magento.
At Kiwee we deliver comprehensive service from strategy, UX research, through development stage till final touch of a great design.

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and consulting

We will help you to define and achieve long term business objectives. We also work as the consultants and we deliver performance, SEO, UX audit reports.

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Web design,
User experience

We create the best, data-driven solutions for your website, online store or application.

We understand how important is to get to know your users' behaviour. We all are the users at some point and on daily basis, we always look for most suitable and comfortable solutions for us. So why wouldn't you be the one who offers it?

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Our design is driven by data, based on knowledge and years of experience, prepared with care and love - always custom made.

We can offer you lots more than web design. If you’re looking for illustrations, packages, editorial design we are here for you, ready to make your business splendid!

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At Kiwee we understand that eCommerce platform is not enough.

That’s why we build the eCommerce ecosystems by implementing the integrations with ERP and CRM systems, Product Information, Management tools, email marketing solutions, search platform Apache SOLR and others.

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Magento is a demanding platform! It needs the top notch servers and qualified system administration

At Kiwee we care a lot about the highest production uptime, a performance of the application and servers' security.
Magento infrastructure designed by us is scalable to deal with traffic peaks.

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Our work process is driven by quality and transparency

Our goal is a rapid reaction on change

We always think long term, but we work in short iterations to react quickly to change and deliver the best possible product.
A progress is a process that's why we support you constantly.
Our decisions are based on data. We put a lot of effort to make a good research and gather all data needed to create best, custom made solution for you.

Monitoring stage

We monitor the performance and effectiveness of the features on a production website. According to gathered data, a change backlog is prepared.

Improvement stage

In a fast-paced eCommerce world, constant adaptation and improvement are crucial. At this stage, a conception can be verified and improved.

Development stage

At Kiwee we believe that quality is a key factor to achieve long-term goals. Because of that, the integral parts of our development process are code reviews, QA testing, 24/7 access to staging server, 24/7 access to project management tool (JIRA), Magento Certified Developers in a team and CTO mentoring per each project.

Deployment stage

The release process is automatic what ensures no human mistakes. In a case of problems with a production website after the release the rollback procedures are in place.

Shippable product increment

Each work cycle is finished with potentially shippable product increment.

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