React Native

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React Native is an open source framework for developing native mobile applications. It's based on React rendering libraries and uses the same concept of JSX components, state and props. But unlike React, which converts Virtual DOM to HTML elements, React Native uses the platform's native components and APIs for rendering. Currently it supports the main leading platforms - Android and iOS.

Majority of libraries which work with React can also be used in React Native, including the state management libs, such as Redux or MobX. It supports TypeScript too.

React Native has been developed since 2015 with almost 2000 contributors by mid of 2019 and a much bigger community around it.

The primary advantages are:

  • One codebase for two platforms - iOS and Android;
  • Native rendering (thus very fast);
  • Rich collection of libraries and ready to use components which speed up the development time significantly;
  • A lot of books and learning materials available online;
  • Developer-friendly: the debugger and hot reload;
  • Ability to write custom native modules;
  • Ability to add React Native components to native apps.


Languages and frameworks