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Pimcore is a robust open source platform for data centralization. It’s a perfect fit for those businesses that need to expose the same information across multiple channels. It offers a variety of modules (like PIM, MDM, DAM, WCM, CDP, and eCommerce), that solve different data management problems. Out of the box, it provides a set of tools that allow you to start creating your data model.

The eCommerce package allows you to set up your online store, although it seats on the basic side. It may be a good choice if you need a quick and light implementation.

It's possible to have a headless setup because it provides a REST API to interact with the data with the possibility of housing a GraphQL interface. So the choice of channels is limitless, it might be an online shop, a blog or printed materials as well. All of them would then share the same source of data.

It has an advantage of being built on top of a very mature PHP framework, Symfony. This makes it highly extendable and maintainable. It also follows the industry PHP standards (PSR).

The community is modest in numbers but the developer's documentation is comprehensive and covers many different aspects of development and maintenance.

Pimcore is not a "ready to use" piece of software, so an experienced developer is required to install everything and set up the environment necessary for it to run. They don't provide an official Docker image, but surely you can find a few within the community.


Platforms and infrastructure