Shopware 6

Platforms and infrastructure | assess

Shopware 6 is all new, comparing to its predecessor, completely redesigned e-commerce platform.

The architecture is API-driven and consists of three elements:

  • Core system - PHP and Symfony 4 based, with the API;
  • Storefront - PHP and Symfony 4 based, with Twig templates;
  • Administration panel written in Javascript, based on Vue.js framework.

OAuth2 server is used to authorize the access to the API.

Community Edition is fully open source. Professional Editon and Enterprise Edition are not available yet.

Shopware 6 comes with Docker configuration files and one-command bootstrap. The current “developer preview” version covers basic requirements needed to setup an online store. However, the vendors have been working on the new versions on their plugins. They should be soon available via the Shopware Store.

Shopware 6 is a really promising product and we are going to asses it further once the first stable version is rolled out.


Platforms and infrastructure