Architecture design & tech consulting

Architecture design defines how your business goals translate into software solutions. No matter if you have a new idea or you want to improve an existing project, our job is to find the optimal technical solutions for your unique business case.

Sensible architecture

The essence of our approach to architecture design in three basic principles.

  • To be on top of the latest tech trends but, most importantly, to judge technology by its ability to solve a specific problem.
  • Not to rush important design choices, but to make them when necessary.
  • To focus on details, while keeping track of the project as a whole.

Built step by step

Scoping the system layout can take various shapes. Here’s how we do it:We listen to you to understand your project’s vision and priorities.

  • We choose the best tools, infrastructure and 3rd-party integrations.
  • We outline the architecture of the whole system.
  • We develop and iterate.


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