Server configuration & management

We believe that prevention is better than cure, and that security, reliability and performance are the three things that no business can afford to not care about. We know that setting up and managing servers for Magento can be a daunting task. Dont worry - weve got you covered!

Getting the basics right

Whether its data loss, unexpected downtime or the store slowing down - with secure backups, timely updates, and robust, scalable infrastructure, we ensure you have all your bases covered. And we dont intend to stop there. With proactive scans and constant monitoring we make sure to address signs of issues before they become real problems.

Industry standard tech stack

Whether a huge marketing campaign is just about to land or its just business as usual, we make sure that your store can handle the traffic and you dont spend a fortune on a flock of idling machines.

  • Well get you started with a classic nginx + PHP-FPM + MySQL combo
  • Accompanied by blazing fast Redis for storing sessions and application cache
  • Supported by Elasticsearch or Solr for accurate search experience
  • All this behind HAProxy load balancers with Varnish reverse-proxy cache, and a CDN

And naturally we can run the whole stack either in the cloud or on bare metal.

Roman Müller
System administrator, ethical hacker

I’m personally responsible for security of the servers.

At Kiwee we monitor health of both applications and infrastructure from different angles to ensure the highest performance.

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