Product design & UX design

UX is the #1 reason why particular websites are so awesome users simply l-o-v-e using them and other ones are abandoned in no time.

Our approach to getting UX right

  • We’re obsessed about details, because we know that such small stuff as hidden filters or unclear homepage can turn the impression of a user 180 degrees. We believe your product is exceptional. It deserves impeccable UX.
  • We’re constantly balancing between analyzing customer behavior data and listening to user feedback. There’s a right time for each.

Our process

No matter if you are working on a new website or you want to improve an existing one - the UX design process in our case will contain some or all of the following steps:

  • Gathering data by assessing your business needs, auditing existing apps or websites, analyzing the market, competitors and the target group
  • Creating personas and getting the full understanding of what your users need
  • Conducting UX workshops (like user journey map or brand identity map)
  • Creating wireframes and performing user tests
  • Collaborating with developers during the implementation stage
  • Iterating.

Website sketches

Here at Kiwee, we vowed to always be setting the highest bar for ourselves and our clients when it comes to user experience, because we consider convenience and intuitive design simply a must-have.

Alicja Bot
UX and Graphic Designer

We’re here to help you better understand the needs of your users, so you can support your decisions with facts.

No more guessing — awareness is worth a million!

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