User experience - king of the internet!

Well-thought-out usability aspect is key to the success. No one likes to struggle with an app or to get lost on an online shopping website. People wants things to be fast and effective.That's why a user experience is so crucial. And there is no user experience without tests.

Every case is different and unique. The same online store, but for different countries or genders, may be a whole new story. So the universal solution doesn't exist.

User experience session

To test - this is an answer!

We can help you with that, by running the tests, measuring and analysing all data we can get. We seek for the weak points and turn them into your strong sides. You will be surprised, how small changes may have a tremendous impact on your conversion rate!

Different group's attention may be caught by the different wording, aesthetic or logic. We all know that, so we try to adjust our message to our target group. Unfortunately, people usually do that by guesses or assumptions. We say "no" to this practice!

Discussion at Kiwee

Our approach is to understand our clients' needs. We know that prevention is better than cure, so we put a lot of time and energy to test our solutions before they are implemented. But technology is changing fast so do the users and their expectations. That's why we monitor data all the time. We're always on track!

We can offer a wide range of tests to spot the problem and speed up your business. No matter at what stage you are with your project, if you're just starting, or you can't even remember your first days.

Contact us if you have any questions, we would be very happy to help you. We can discuss your case and we will offer you the tests adjusted to your needs. Once we run dhem, you will get a report with suggested solutions and our full support one every level. Starting from a strategy, through a design till a development and a maintenance.

Website sketches

Be beautiful!

A design is part of usability and it works best when it is based on a deep comprehension. We observe current trends, we cherish brave, out of the box designs as well as the tender, classical ones. Our only question is what will suit you best?

Don't hesitate! If you have any question, let's meet! Let's talk! Your case is special and it requires special attention! We're here for you!

AlicjaAlicja MasiukiewiczUX and Graphic Designer

We’re here to help you understand your users' needs better. So you can support your decision with strong arguments.
No more guessing - awareness is worth a million!

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