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MageConf 2020

online Speech

Maciej Lewkowicz, our Senior Full Stack Developer, was at MageConf 2020 to share the knowledge on running Magento 2 on Kubernetes.

The presentation was a quick guide into how to get Magento up and running on Kubernetes, focusing on how these two work together and what to look out for.

Did you miss it? Don’t worry! You can watch the video of this presentation on YouTube.

Bits & Pretzels

Munich, Germany; online We're here

I attended Bits & Pretzels 2020 in the new normal!
It was a great event about passion, business, and life — many insightful discussions and inspiring people.
Thank you, Bits & Pretzels, and see you in 2021! <3
Anna durning Bits and Pretzels conference 2020

Magento Meetup Wrocław #8

Wrocław, Poland Speech

Our Full Stack Developer Maciej Lewkowicz will give a presentation at the the 8th edition of Magento Meetup Wrocław.

In his presentation, Maciek will describe what Kubernetes is, how it may benefit a Magento 2 project, and how to deploy the Magento 2 software stack on Kubernetes. He’ll also cover some of the caveats of running Magento 2 in containers, as well as further considerations for a successful deployment with Kubernetes.

See you there!