We achieve big things with a small and forward-thinking team

2024 is our 13th year in business

Independent family business

In open source we trust

Environmentally conscious


Our mission is to serve small and medium enterprises in the eCommerce industry with a comprehensive range of high-quality software development services, including web app development, eCommerce platform customization, and cloud infrastructure. 

Small and medium companies, the backbone of most economies, are driven by passion and hard work. With our years of experience and dedication to excellent code, we are committed to helping them overcome their challenges. We dive deep into their software, processes, and organization, asking the right questions to uncover hidden dependencies and connections. 

Beautiful things happen when passion for end users' joy meets software craftsmanship. 

Black and white illustration of a kiwi bird on the left, with a long beak pointed downward. On the right, a branch with leaves holds four kiwi fruits. The bird and fruits are detailed with realistic textures.

Short history of Kiwee /'kɪwi:/

In 2011, Anna and Tomasz founded a company they had always aspired to work for: an independent entity with streamlined decision-making, where people are not just a part of the process but the heart of it.

Tomasz coined the company name "Kiwee" /'kɪwi:/. Its connotation to nature and positive sound in many languages reflect the company's approach to people and the world.

How do we work?

Kiwee's roots are in Wroclaw, Poland, a vibrant city with twelve islands and over one hundred bridges over the Oder river. In his book Microcosm: Portrait of a Central European City, the historian Norman Davies portrayed Wrocław as a microcosm of Central Europe.

We are a remote-first company—we were so before it was cool. 

The culture of openness, inclusivity, and support for personal growth has always attracted forward-thinking engineers, talents from the best universities (Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Université Paris-Saclay), and the representatives of minorities. 

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Asynchronous work
We think the best idea comes when one does activities other than being in the office or sitting in front of the computer screen, like walking, riding a bike, or working early in the morning or afternoon. To give people a chance to work like this, we communicate asynchronously.

Moreover, we ask everybody first to express their thoughts in writing, ask for feedback, and meet when the foundation of the concept is laid.

We think that meetings are toxic—no less than that. Particularly ad hoc, no-agenda, and crowded meetings are inefficient and expensive to the company. 

You can read more about how we foster an asynchronous work culture at Kiwee in the Asynchronous Work blip on our Technology Radar.

Deep work
Creative work, such as programming, writing, or conceptualization, happens when a person has a prolonged, uninterrupted time to do so. It's called deep work.

Counterintuitively, an individual expected to deliver high-quality work results on cognitively demanding problems is placed in a busy environment full of instant communication and meetings. 

At Kiwee, we implemented an uninterrupted work culture:

  • Write first, organize the meeting last.
  • Do not expect an immediate answer.
  • Block the long focus time slot in your calendar.
  • Communicate asynchronously.

You can read more about how we do it in our Technology Radar's Deep work blip.

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Knowledge sharing
We breed different initiatives to share knowledge with the eCommerce community:

Our relationship with the Clients

There are three pillars of each cooperation with our Clients.

Two people stand in front of a whiteboard covered with colorful sticky notes.

Action speaks louder than words—our clients have worked with us for years: futalis GmbH has cooperated with us for twelve years, and Melvin and Hamilton SAS for eight years. Norsk Modelljernbane AS has been with us since 2013 and NFC21 GmbH since 2021.

We openly and transparently discuss and plan the budget, the delivery time, and the scope with our clients.

Clients come to us not just to buy software development services but to resolve their problems with crafted software solutions. That's why we learned how to listen and ask the right questions. Writing code is just one part of the software development process.

Our leaders

Portrait photo of Anna Michalina Sawicka.

CEO and co-founder

I'm an entrepreneur with a solid technical background. Half of my heart is devoted to nature, half of it to science.

I firmly believe that entrepreneurs are responsible for driving positive change in the world.

I am an alumnus of the Electronics and Telecommunication Department at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. I have 20 years of professional experience in the software development industry, including work as a software engineer for Microsoft.

I am a fan of bike expeditions to the bosom of nature.

Portrait photo of Tomasz Gajewski.

CTO and co-founder

I am an experienced leader of software development teams and projects.

I have been programming since childhood and I have over 22 years of professional experience. That includes working for firms such as Idealo or Microsoft.

I have expertise in designing software architecture, translating business objectives into beautiful and efficient software solutions. I have worked on international projects with budgets over 2.5 million €.

I love spending time in nature and mountain biking, and I am an animal lover.

Daily life at Kiwee