Shopware development services

Platform overview

Shopware 6 is an innovative eCommerce platform, which follows the API-first concept. It is designed to provide maximum performance and flexibility in integrating many sales channels or services.

The main advantages of the new platform are:

  • Multi-channel approach;
  • Suitable both for B2C and B2B;
  • Rich and intuitive content builder to create beautiful looking landing pages with just a few clicks;
  • Available PWA storefront;
  • Next-gen API-first architecture;
  • Advanced rule building system applicable to setting pricing or shipping costs or promotions;
  • Super intuitive shop administration application.

Find out more in our Shopware 6 article.

Full service around Shopware 6

Our team provides complete service to build and establish a successful eCommerce business with Shopware from the ground up.

  • Product design sprint and scoping session to build the complete project concept;
  • UX and graphics design;
  • Custom features development;
  • Building tailor-made PWA storefront;
  • Building a native mobile app as an additional sales channel;
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery;
  • Deployment to the cloud in Kubernetes cluster;
  • Integrating Shopware 6 with third party sytems such as ERP, PIM, CRM, POS.

Migration to Shopware 6

It is a perfect platform to migrate from Magento 1. Magento 1 looses its official support from June 2020. Shopware 6, however, is built on the top of technologies that are not going to be retired anytime soon.
We offer migrations from different eCommerce platforms as well, which includes: Shopware 5, Magento 2, WooCommerce.

PWA Storefront

A progressive web app storefront is an excellent option to improve the UX look & feel and to increase sales. It gives the performance of a native application because web browser downloads and executes it. Moreover, it can partially work offline and performs very well in poor internet connection conditions.

Shopware partner

Kiwee is Shopware's official Business Partner.

Kiwee Shopware's Business Partner

My team and I pay a lot of attention to scalability, performance and great user experience.

We believe progress is a process — that’s why we support you continuously and work on your product development.

Tomek Gajewski
CTO and co-owner

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