Custom eCommerce application development

We build eCommerce ecosystems, but also much more. We’ve learnt with experience that unique businesses need custom solutions built from scratch. And that’s what we’re here for.

A tailored solution for your exceptional business

When choosing technologies for a project, our philosophy is to judge them by which problems they solve and at what cost - not by how trendy they are.

Each one of us is a first-class nerd and we’re not even trying to pretend we’re not. But we understand that technology is a tool, not a solution in and of itself. That’s why we never shy away from any new platforms, languages or technologies - as long as they fit.

The right tool for the job

We like being proven wrong because that’s the only way to get closer to being right. That’s why we’ve learnt to love the agile approach to software development. And working effectively in short iterations is part of our secret sauce.

This way we can support your business with relevant software and deliver any combination of the following (and much more!):

  • Prototypes and MVPs: we're all about getting the job done
  • Tailored frontend apps: Angular, React, Vue, PWA
  • Flexible APIs: REST, SOAP, GraphQL
  • Multiple platforms: Magento, Symfony, NodeJS, (Spryker, OroCommerce)
  • Adequate architecture and infrastructure: load-balanced, multi-backend, MySQL, Postgres, Redis, Varnish, noSQL
  • Wide range of integrations: PIM/DAM, ERP, WMS, process automation tools

Bring us your bravest ideas and toughest problems - we’ll take them apart and reassemble as beautifully coded software solutions.


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