Web design, UX & graphic design

You can only make the first impression once! We know this rule and that’s why we put all our efforts into making sure your business gets a consistent, fresh and unique look that reflects your company values. We care both about the digital and the off-screen design, so if you are looking for a holistic service - you are in a good place!

Can’t take my eyes off you…

We live in a world in which visual language rules. At the same time we might not always be aware of the power that colours, shapes and images have on us as users. At Kiwee, not only do we recognise, we fully embrace these powers and we use our knowledge to build products and interfaces that are attractive and memorable.

Design = art and science

We graciously blend creativity and being grounded (speaking about business requirements and needs). We believe in data-driven solutions. Design goes hand in hand with UX and helps guide the user through the product. In other words, our designers work on your users’ satisfaction and engagement.

We’re creative. We’re pragmatic. And in data we trust. Our graphic design goes hand in hand with UX to help guide the user through the product. Here’s an insight into how the process of working with our design team looks like:

  • We’ll start with a thorough research of your market niche and your business needs.
  • During workshops we’ll scope the best solutions for these business asks.
  • Alternatively, we can go straight to the moodboards for visual hints for you.
  • We will create design that supports our UX decisions and satisfies your users.
  • Last but not least, we’ll make sure that execution, digital or analog, is best in class.

Our team of UX and Graphic Designers brings together years of Fine Arts education and UX / graphic design professional experience. They love custom solutions, unique graphics and even hand-made drawings come into play. All to make your customers happy.

Our UX design process

No matter if you are working on a new website or you want to improve an existing one - the UX design process in our case will contain some or all of the following steps:

  • Gathering data by assessing your business needs, auditing existing apps or websites, analyzing the market, competitors and the target group
  • Creating personas and getting the full understanding of what your users need
  • Conducting UX workshops (like user journey map or brand identity map)
  • Creating wireframes and performing user tests
  • Collaborating with developers during the implementation stage
  • Iterating.

Website sketches

Visual identity

Company's identity is the core of any business. It has to be clear and well thought through. We’re ready to start the journey with you and build your brand so that you would be visible and well known on the market. No matter if it’s creating a mug or a t-shirt or maybe a poster, you will see our love and engagement with the project. Sometimes a handy, well-designed notebook your customers carry with them is better advertisement than any campaign you could imagine.

Visual Identity


We can help you make your product outstanding. We know that all that glitters is not gold, so we don’t go bigger, brighter or louder. We go smarter! We address product to the target group, but well, it’s better to say that we simply know that people go first. We know how important is to find this extra beauty. That’s why we put a lot of effort into every detail.

Package design at Kiwee


An illustration has power and personal touch. It makes things prettier and more desirable. We can spend hours creating a unique piece of art so you could amaze your customer with a touch of beauty.

Illustration of parrots

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a handmade drawing or an interactive infographic, we got it! There are no limits to our imagination - and so to your project! We can offer you handmade, handprinted, sophisticated commercial prints as well as eco-friendly low budget packages. We can create watercolor, crayon colored illustrations but also digital art or animation! You choose!

Find some more inspiration on Kiwee account on Behance!


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