• Anna Sawicka

    CEO and co-founder

    I believe that the entrepreneurs should work on making a change. Being an entrepreneur is my state of mind. I love to build teams and empower them to make products profitable and ideas working.

    I am a fan of startups and internet technologies concentrated on delivering business value with the best possible quality.
    I’m fascinated by robotics, new technologies, and evolutionary ecology.

  • Tomek Gajewski

    CTO and co-founder

    Experienced team leader with innovative approach to software development. He has got petrol instead of blood.

    Programmer since childhood, likes travelling, animal lover. The most tranquil person during stressful situations.

  • Maciej Lewkowicz

    Senior Full-stack Developer & DevOps Engineer

    Magento certified Front-end developer

    Magento Front-end Developer certification badge

    I’ve always been fascinated by computers. I made my first website when I was 10, quickly discovering that web development is a lot of fun. Ten years — and many different projects — later I’ve turned professional. Ever since then I’ve also dipped my toes in automation, systems administration, and data security.

    I believe there’s love in new things and in old things there’s wisdom. I enjoy exploring all sorts of systems, especially putting enterprise-grade open source tools to use in small-scale projects, all the while being on a personal mission to make the Internet a little better for everyone.

    Other than that I like to dig into various fields including music, design, science, linguistics, and behavioral economics.

  • Serge Korzh

    Data Scientist

    I believe data is the key to solving many of the world’s biggest problems. My journey into Data Science started from Natural Language Processing, which, in turn, grew from my passion for linguistics. Currently my interest lies in applications of Machine Learning in health and development of sustainable solutions.
    Also, a web developer, a polyglot, and a rock climber. Playing and listening to music is my remedy for stress.

  • Krzysiek Kaszanek

    Full Stack Developer

    My adventure with programming started in high school when I completed my first C++ tutorial. After that I decided to study Computer Science and focused more on web development. I was lucky to start my professional career at Kiwee, where I was able to translate the knowledge gained during my studies into practical experience. I love to learn new technologies, especially in real-life projects.

Kiwee team


team of passionate people

Hey there!
We’re Kiwee and we’re happy to have you here. We’re a multinational team working together since 2011. Of course, we’re dynamic, passionate, as everyone, but we’re also in love with our work and we’re dreamers! We decided to create a space for innovation in our own style. So besides our highly specialized team, we also have special support of morale officers - six dogs in total, cats and parrots from time to time. We use our super web development and design skills for the good of our Clients and the world around us. At Kiwee heart goes first and friendship is a value!