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Vue.js is a JavaScript framework for creating web applications. It was created by Evan You in 2014 with the aim to have an approachable lightweight frontend framework which can be integrated into existing projects or used to create Single Page Applications from scratch. Since its initial release, Vue has been actively developed by a vibrant community of open-source contributors.

In our opinion, one of the key factors of the framework's rapid growth is the low barrier to entry that both beginners and proficient users alike will appreciate. Complexity is introduced only where necessary, and rises organically as project requirements grow. This is complemented by a comprehensive, well-structured and example-rich documentation, approachable by newcomers while being efficient to use for experienced developers.

Other features of Vue include:

  • Single-file components that allow you to keep all the JS, HTML, and CSS of a component in one file.
  • An HTML-like template syntax which makes injecting Vue into existing HTML pages almost effortless.
  • A huge ecosystem with a lot of supporting libraries and tools such as Pinia, Vite, Nuxt, and others.
  • High testability with the help of Vue Test Utils and official support for a unit testing framework Vitest.

We think Vue.js is a mature technology and a solid alternative to Angular and React, thus we put it firmly into our "adopt" bucket. With Vue 3 introducing better TypeScript support, simplified API, big performance and memory optimizations, and even the possibility of rendering to non-web targets—such as mobile platforms)—it's certain that the framework is here to stay and will grow even more in the near future.