Vuetify 3

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Vuetify 3 is a UI component framework for Vue 3. It provides the building blocks for a responsive user interface—from simple wrappers to standard HTML elements like the button and checkbox, to bigger page elements such as the dialog, navigation drawer, or the data table. Vuetify claims to have full compliance with the Material Design Framework, yet provides the flexibility to customize the look and feel of the components to one's liking.

One of the issues we faced was with the migration from Vuetify 2 to Vuetify 3. Many components in Vuetify 3 were renamed and their properties changed or removed. Some components were completely removed or labelled as experimental (not production-ready). While breaking changes are to be expected with a major release, the issue was compounded by a noticeable decrease in quality of documentation and an incomplete upgrade guide.

It should be noted that the documentation has recently seen a lot of improvement, and Vuetify is still supporting Vuetify 2.7 until January 23rd, 2025. That being said, that version is compatible only with Vue 2, which reaches its EOL on December 31st, 2023.

Vuetify 3 is nevertheless a powerful and stable framework, and a popular choice for many projects. However, due to gaps in documentation—especially in contrast to the high standard set by core Vue projects—and subpar migration process, we advice to proceed with caution.


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