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Observability is the transparency of the software, i.e. access to its logs, traces and metrics. It aims to ensure software reliability, performance, and security by making it possible to see what is happening inside the system.

As systems become more complex, profiling and monitoring become more difficult. Luckily, many frameworks, DevOps tooling, and cloud service providers offer some out-of-the-box solutions for log aggregation, metrics collection, profiling, alerting, and other monitoring methods. Good software observability allows quick response when software fails, continuous performance improvement, as well as understanding and predicting the usage and resource consumption trends.

Here at Kiwee we strongly believe that software needs to have useful logging and detailed metrics. Having logs, traces, and performance metrics readily available has helped us numerous times fix issues that would be extremely difficult if not impossible to pinpoint otherwise. Alerting lets us discover issues before they become problems, and ensure the stability of the software and architecture that we provide our clients.


Software development patterns