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Kanban is an agile framework that was originally developed by Toyota in the 1940s as part of their Lean manufacturing system. The term Kanban is a Japanese word that means “signboard”. This framework helps teams visualize the workflow, limiting work in progress, thereby increasing issue visibility and identifying bottlenecks effectively.

We use Kanban in most of our projects and we find it beneficial, especially when dealing with small changes, bug fixes, and feature additions. The team employs a "pull system," a technique where work progresses based on actual demand and available capacity, promoting continuous flow rather than planning in timeboxed iterations. Kanban is well-suited for teams with unpredictable or fluctuating workload and projects where frequent changes are expected and the requests may vary in priority. We even use it in our internal projects, such as marketing, business development, and project management. Based on our experience, we find this framework very effective and we highly recommend it.