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Kubernetes, usually abbreviated as K8s, has become the most popular and versatile open-source platform for container orchestration. It defines the standards for deploying and scaling containerized applications.

Kubernetes can be set up on various infrastructure types

  • Public and private clouds
  • On-premises bare metal machines
  • Hybrid: cloud and on-premises
  • Local computer or CI pipelines for development and testing.

In contrast to proprietary cloud application platforms, choosing Kubernetes can help avoid the vendor lock-in problem, and allows building consistent application environments regardless of the cloud provider or the hardware infrastructure.

Since 2015, when version 1.0 was released, the Kubernetes extensions and tools ecosystem has grown enormously which gives opportunities to build a crafted deployment and orchestration platform for different application types.

Kubernetes is our preferred choice for eCommerce applications that require scalability, resilience, and portability between hosting provides.

We have developed an open-source solution Magento on Kubernetes which we use as the foundation for our Magento-based project deployments.