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Q&A with Serge on his internship at Kiwee

We have a nice yearly tradition at Kiwee: after the internships are complete, we ask our interns 8 questions about their first work experience. It's always very rewarding to read their answers 🙂

This post is a Q&A with Serge, our Full Stack Developer Intern 2018, who is now full-time at Kiwee as a Junior Full Stack Developer. Enjoy the read!

1. Quick intro?

Hi, my name is Serge, currently I study Computer Science at Wroclaw University of Science & Technology, and I am passionate about programming, data science, and music.

2. Why did you choose Kiwee for your internship?

I could say I didn’t have any choice – I had to complete an internship as a part of my studies at Politechnika, and so I went on a job fair held at the university. As I expected, most of the stands were deadly dull, but one stand has immediately caught my eye – Kiwee’s. After a quick chat with Konrad, I thought “They must be great people who make awesome stuff”. So I decided to aim for an internship there! Fortunately, the application was successful and I joined Kiwee for 3 months as a full stack developer intern!

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3. What was your work scope and set of tasks?

A big part of my internship was directly related to web development, and I was undoubtedly pumped about being able to work on real projects. However, the key aspect of work at Kiwee is collaboration and being a helpful team member. Whether it’s participating in a brainstorming session, estimating tasks, or solving an engineering problem, teamwork here is present everywhere.

4. What’s one thing you did not expect to see in Kiwee that positively surprised you?

Animal-abundant office 🙂 Somehow, the pets at Kiwee fit the atmosphere so naturally, that it’s pure joy to just be at the office. Every animal is a valuable member of the team, and they work hard everyday as professional stress relievers ^_^


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5. What was the biggest challenge you had to tackle during the internship?

It is hard to point out a concrete case; a lot of engineering endeavors, of course, but also decision making – whether it’s about which technology to use or how to structure a presentational layer of an application, one takes every decision with great care when it affects other developers, one’s customers, or the customers’ customers.

6. What are the biggest learnings you have after this experience?

Definitely, I gained lots of new technical knowledge, as well as confidence in the skills I’ve had previously, but undoubtedly, what I value the most is being able to fit into and socialise in a previously unknown environment of real-life work, and with all honesty I cannot image a more suitable place to get such an experience.

7. A LOL moment you will never forget?

That one photo-session when I was shadowing others, quite literally 😉

8. What would you say to future Kiwee’s interns?

I suppose, my previous answers say everything there is to say – Kiwee is an incredible company to have your internship at, and I hope you will enjoy your stay here!



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