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Kiwee Earns High Scores in Recent eCommerce Client Reviews

We asked our clients for feedback

We're excited to share that we recently performed very well when a handful of our clients were interviewed by Clutch, a ratings and reviews website based in Washington, DC.

The clients' Magento e-commerce projects span three countries and have varied in size and complexity, but their general level of satisfaction with our team remains the same.
In the interviews, there seem to be some consistent themes which we are proud of and now look to build upon.

Actions speak louder than words

One theme is that we're able to provide small clients a close partnership, but at the same time, scale as our customers succeed.
A pet food website owner remarked, "from the founding of our company, Kiwee has been one of our major partners for development and support".

In the same vein, a shoe online store CEO, Nicolas Metzke, noted that

Nicolas Metzke

Kiwee was able to grow with us, from being a brand-new company to having almost 5 million in turnover business this year.

Nicolas Metzke, CEO
Melvin & Hamilton Digital, Paris, France

Another common thread in the reviews was our commitment to the customer.
One happy customer described us as, "extremely professional, helpful, and customer oriented in their quest for customer satisfaction".
Whereas another client went so far as to say, "I don't see any other agency so committed to a customer like Kiwee is."

Below is one of our star-ratings, according to our client, Knut Moe.

Knut Moe

I have never been more satisfied with a developer or IT company during my 18 years’ experience.

Knut Moe
Norsk Modelljernbane AS, Oslo, Norway

We want to thank our clients for participating in the reviews and for their kind remarks.
We will continue our commitment to you and hope to continue to serve you as best we can.

Do you have a project in mind?

To our readers, we encourage you to check out the full list of Kiwee reviews to see the whole picture.
You can learn more about our projects by visiting our portfolio page.
If you are seeking a passionate development team, drop us a line!


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