Kiwee releases Technology Radar Volume 2

Technology Radar is a visual representation of expert opinions on technologies to track and assess new technologies and practices.
With Kiwee Technology Radar, we provide recommendations and share our experience with tools, technologies, patterns, and development techniques.
In the newest release, Volume 2, we have done a thorough assessment of the old volume and new blips.


  • 41 new blips have been added to our Technology Radar (N)
  • 8 blips have been reassessed and changed position (C)
  • 11 blips have been removed and not relevant to us anymore


In total, there are 49 changes compared to the previous volume.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates, exclusive content, and the official release of our article explaining the process and the journey that led us to this point. We dive into details, hoping to encourage you to create your own Technology Radar.