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Meet Magento Poznań 2016 – Such vibrant community

The fourth edition of Meet Magento Poland, the second time in the beautiful city of Poznań, satisfied even the highest expectations. Concordia Design is the venue that hosted the event on September 19th-20th, 2016. Just as the last year SnowDog were the organisers.
The conference cycle kicked off when Kuba Zwoliński and Marta Molińska welcomed the crowd followed by Thomas Goletz and Lydia Schaffranek.

Community driven

Meet Magento 2016

Where are we going? is the question Ben Marks throws in the air. To be community driven is the focus number one of Magento. To achieve that, they are in the way to make a better developer experience. Some of the key plans are having the possibility to request features via the forum, to have a public GitHub backlog, open source documentation and more interaction with the community. Some of the things Magento is already addressing are: front-end tech (less to Sass), Docker images for developers and improvement of Magento U.

Following the community involvement topic, Sherrie Rohde stated that it's very important that we as developers participate in the evolution of Magento. Showing and sharing our knowledge is a good way to start. For example writing good quality blog posts (such Atwix & Rebecca Troth) and sharing helpful resources (such SnowDog's blank sass theme & n98-magerun tools). Involving in the Magento Forum, Magento Stack Exchange and Meetups gives us the chance to help each other. Private initiatives are also great additions she says, for example, the MageTalk podcasts .

Tech innovations

SnowDog took the lead in this department, showing how to use hardware in e-commerce. Bartek Kwiatkowski and Kuba Zwoliński presented two of their projects in early stage prototypes:

  1. MageButton is a wi-fi capable portable button. Its only function is to trigger a quick checkout process of a predefined Magento shopping cart in order to make repeatable purchases easier and faster. The only thing you have to do is push the button and confirm the purchase from your phone or computer (see more here).
  2. The second project is MageMirror. It provides a full body height reflective touch screen and presents an interactive interface to fetch clothing images in order to virtually try them. The implementation is not fully defined yet but there are many possibilities, for example buying directly from the changing room and have the items delivered to your home.

Working with hardware is not easy Kuba says, but that gives us the opportunity to experiment and gain experience. He also declared that they are looking forward to sharing their knowledge with anybody who is willing to build such solutions.

Meet Magento as a source of knowledge and inspiration

The conference was packed with interesting talks and inspirational topics. How to write testable code by Vinai Kopp was the first in the list. He explains how to keep it simple by reducing our units. The progressive web applications are the compromise zone between native apps and web sites. Bartek Igielski explains the benefits. Nils Preuß shows how SOLR can be used for more than simple search, the data is already there, just use it!. Talesh Seeparsan emphasises the importance of hardening our projects in early stages and states that the Magento security has to be enforced by the community (Monolog is your friend). Check the agenda to see the full list.

After Party

The good mood and informal, yet interesting chats flooded the night. Tasty food and surprise drinks help the attendees to integrate even more.

Hands on with workshops:

Getting productive and having fun with PHPStorm:


And driving your design by BDD in Magento 2:


It was a great experience for me. The Meet Magento association and SnowDog did a great job in the organisation. I hope to be back in another edition.


Antonio Valdez Arce

Senior Full Stack Developer

More than 10 years of experience in the IT industry has given me the opportunity to develop the ability to learn fast. From developing desktop applications to pushing pixels in a web site, this business demands the professional to keep updated and wider the range of specialisation, that's why I constantly try to stay in contact with new technologies and encourage my peers to do so.