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The Wind of Change – How We Did Our Own Rebranding

2015 was a year of changes for the company. That was a starting point for our growth.
At this time Kiwee was strong. We've been cooperating with our clients for a few years and we decided it's was time to move on.
New colleagues joined us, making the company stronger.
We're able to serve our clients from the very beginning, guide them through the whole process of building and development, and support later on, on each level.

Change on every level

Next change was the refreshment of our identity. We went smoother, cleaner, more crispy. We started with establishing needs of our clients, visitors and our own.

old kiwee logo on the left, new kiwee logo on the right

On the left: old logo. On the right: new logo.

We started in the spring of 2016 with The Brand Experience Workshop originally invented by The Cooper.
We gathered hundred, different but carefully picked pictures. Each image represented an abstract place, object, design solution or situation. Our goal was to think out of the box. We were describing features of the presented item or feeling related to the image.
At the same time, among all, we were looking for five pictures representing the features and feelings that would describe our company the best and five for the ones we would like to be as far away as it's possible.

Open book with image of nokia 331 phone. On the left is reads reliable, simple, longlasting. On the right it reads outdated technology and old-fashioned

The Brand Experience Workshop.

For example:
We are as reliable as Nokia 3310
We're not outdated technologically and old-fashion as Nokia 3310

After the long discussion over our impressions, needs, and feeling, we agreed on the list of attributes we've chosen and general impression we would like to achieve.

Once we had the very solid base we came back to the roots - creating personas!
Our website is dedicated both to our clients (current and future) and to professionals who seek for a job. In both cases, we search for people with open hearts and minds, for people who are as passionate and dynamic as we are.
Our goal was to attract people like us.

The new website

We decided to go with a personal and professional approach, in a transparent and agile workflow.

Our team is small, and at Kiwee everyone is important. On our website you can meet us, see us in our office, in our garden, you can read about us and our skills.
It's important to us that you know who is working for you or who's going to be your colleague. We believe that personal relation is a key to the success! Without the good communication and transparency, there is no cooperation!

Group of kiwee employees standing in together in front of a bush

Team full of professionals with great hearts!

Behind every member of the team stands years of experience. A huge knowledge that has roots at the universities and it has developed through years during the workshops, conferences, webinar and so on. And we want it to be noticeable.
We keep on improving our descriptions on Services and Portfolio sections so you can see both our achievements and our possibilities.

But as important as skills, reliability and proper workflow are. That's why we share with you also information about how we work process.

collage of official documets, mug with piggy and buissness cards

From official documents to the personal mugs.

At Kiwee we know that you can't be good at everything but you can be a master in one or few fields of expertise. That's why we don't expect our clients to know all the processes. Instead of that, we explain what we do, how we do and why we do, so a client has always control over what is happening.

Changes for the team

At Kiwee we never forget about people, who are the biggest value. Besides increasing size of the team, we also decided to rearrange our office and make it much cosier.
We hanged up hand drawn graphics and the moss logo. We all love nature and most of us are involved in animal welfare movements.

Our beautiful #mosslogo in the office 🙂 #logodesign #greenoffice #officedesign

A photo posted by kiwee ( on

We also made a tiny gift for everybody, so the morning coffee tastes even better. Everyone gets the mug with hand drawn illustration.

Kiwee company mugs
Still life. The pot and the mug. Art within art! 😉

We like to be surrounded by nature, by the art. We are very careful with every detail. Even company's mugs are small handcrafted pieces of art on which we spent hours of drawing.

Hello world!

We change, we expand, we develop. Every day and every experience make us better professionals. We want to share our knowledge, passion, and skills. That's why now you can find us not only hidden between codes, we're also on social media! You can see on the daily basis how we are doing on Instagram or Twitter. You can find out how we grow on LinkedIn, you'll see some news on Facebook and bunch of inspiration on Pinterest and our works on Behance! Wow, we're everywhere! But most of all we're here - keep tracking our blog, we share our knowledge here!

Finally, we don't only promote ourselves, but we share knowledge or inspire. We help. Currently, we have 5 dogs, 2 cats and 2 parrots on board - all of them rescued. Most of us run the temporary shelter for stray animals. As a company, we help by taking part in We believe that what goes around, comes around!

The game is on!

We are very dynamic. We see obstacles as challenges and we can't imagine a thing that would hold us on. We invite you to stay with us! As a Client, as a member of our team or as a friend who may learn something from us or get inspired but who can also inspire us!