eCommerce Software Development

Comprehensive eCommerce solutions development

Crafted eCommerce built on top of open-source platforms such as Magento or Shopware allows for creating unique and tailored software that will outperform your competition and save costs compared to one-size-fits-all solutions.
Our team of experts creates unique storefronts that stand out from the multitude of similar ones, builds custom back-ends that automate processes and deploys all of that to a scalable and secure infrastructure.

Our services will help you with:

Consulting and strategy

Solid and reliable technical experts for consulting, strategy and development, regardless of whether you have just started your eCommerce business or your online store is already mature.

Build online store from ground up

You have an idea for your online eCommerce business and need a technical partner? We have a vast experience building unique and customer friendly shopping experiences.

Replatforming to Shopware or Magento

You would like to change your current eCommerce platform to the latest versions of Magento or Shopware.

UX and Performance audit

Your eCommerce sales have been degrading, and you need an UX audit or deep analysis of your software performance.

Security audit

You have concerns whether your systems are secure, and you need thorough analysis and get fixed all potential threats.

Infrastructure modernization

You need a scalable and robust server infrastructure that copes with traffic spikes.

For NMJ the cooperation with Kiwee is and has been a success story from the beginning. Kiwee rescued a Magento project that was minutes away from compete disaster and in record time turned it into gold. Kiwee have proven to us how a developer to customer relation should be in the ideal world. Their superior technical knowledge, work ethic, cooperation skills, “customer first” mindset and well-documented service level have proven to be utmost essential to NMJ’s current online success. Kiwee’s team saved us, and on top they have paved a fast, solid and secure foundation for us to scale and grow in the years to come. Their full featured service has my warmest recommendations.

Knut Moe
Norsk Modelljernbane AS, Oslo, Norway

We use proven and reliable open-source eCommerce platforms

Both Magento and Shopware offer endless adaptation possibilities, a rich set of built-in features, and a rich collection of free and paid extensions. It all allows creating unique customer experiences.

Development services
using Magento

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Development services
using Shopware

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eCommerce Software Modernization

Ecommerce platforms eventually reach the end of life and lose support from their vendors. An upgrade to the next major version or re-platforming may be complex and expensive, especially when many custom features have already been developed that need to be further rewritten. Keeping an unsupported old version increases security risks.

When your eCommerce platform has degraded performance and an outdated storefront, it may negatively impact your organic traffic from search engines like Google or Bing and may lower the conversion rate.

We offer an evolutionary process of modernization, optimization, securing your current eCommerce system without freezing it from further enhancements.

Our core technologies


The Power of Open-source

We build eCommerce solutions relying on open-source as a foundation. We pick carefully selected trustworthy open-source components as well as solutions our R&D team has invented and open-sourced. Our clients receive enterprise-level scalable and versatile solutions faster and with a smaller budget compared to proprietary equivalents.

Advantages of Open-source

  • Flexibility and freedom of customizations according to unique business requirements.
  • Independence from a single software vendor.
  • Cost-effectiveness as we can focus on developing custom-specific features and don't need to reinvent the basics.
  • Security through transparency—thanks to the open-source community and enthusiasts, bugs and vulnerabilities are getting fixed much faster.

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We are environmentally conscious and we implement Green Software principles

As the climate crisis accelerates, we all have a responsibility to minimize our energy consumption. This should also be applied to software. Kiwee ensure that our solutions make optimal use of resources and are hosted in data centers powered by renewable energy. This not only means lower energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions, but also significant infrastructure cost savings for our clients. Additional benefits are  better performance and better SEO which directly impact on better sales. More about Green Software in our Tech Radar

Quality through processes

We deliver software solutions that follow industry best practices to ensure high quality and security. Full automation enables us to release changes more frequently with no quality sacrifice.

Continuous integration with static code analysis and automatic tests.

Continuous deployment with no or minimal downtimes.

Static and dynamic security scanning.


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