Lignes Noires

At Kiwee we want to make the world a better place. That's why we have our internal project - Lignes Noires. Our graphic designers create breathtaking prints for sale. 100% of the income is donated to the animal welfare purposes.
Each sold poster means food, veterinary care, bedding or something else that is so important to keep animals in need in a safe and loving environment.

If you would like to support this initiative, feel free to hang some of the beauties on your wall.
And if you would like to meet our caretakers and find out more about their story and the team behind it - see how Kiwee's power is spreading!

Each illustration has a story behind it. At Kiwee we have a tradition of welcoming every new employee with a personalized mug. Antonio chose parrots as they remind him of his homeland - Mexico. Kalina asked for a portrait of her beloved dog. We have a mug with a piglet created for our CEO too as she loves these beautiful and very smart animals! We're happy that everyone receives a unique present and that we can make people feel welcome at Kiwee with such gestures.

See how Kiwee celebrates every team member!

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