NMJ – Norsk Modelljernbane AS

Online store for the passionate collectors of the model trains

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Magento development

Digital user experience for the collectors of the model trains

The goal was to create clean, Scandinavian layout dedicated for passionate audience. To meet our Client’s expectation we had to learn a lot. Train models business is a very narrow branch and the customers are passionate people who knows by heart every technical detail of models they are interested in. We had to not only rethink layout itself but the whole navigation and new features.

UX design

NMJ is a family, Norwegian company that serves to passionate customer all over the world

It is not only a store but also a well known manufacturer who needed a good and stable online store.

We started our cooperation with redesign. NMJ needed some changes and refreshment. Old website however well known and cozy for devoted users hasn’t been meeting assumptions of modern web design.
NMJ web design

We continue cooperation with NMJ on web design and UX level to make sure we are always up to date. We believe that only constant development is an answer to challenges of online market.


NMJ online store is tightly integrated with ERP system delivered by Swedish company DACSA.

Server configuration & management

For NMJ we built secure infrastructure which can cope with traffic from multiple websites

Knut MoeKnut MoeNorsk Modelljernbane AS, Oslo, Norway

For NMJ the cooperation with Kiwee is and has been a success story from the beginning. Kiwee rescued a Magento project that was minutes away from compete disaster and in record time turned it into gold.

Kiwee have proven to us how a developer to customer relation should be in the ideal world. Their superior technical knowledge, work ethic, cooperation skills, “customer first” mindset and well-documented service level have proven to be utmost essential to NMJ’s current online success.
Kiwee’s team saved us, and on top they have paved a fast, solid and secure foundation for us to scale and grown in the years to come.

Their full featured service has my warmest recommendations.

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