B2B solutions

We know that B2B is complex. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Parts of it can be automated or simplified. What make sure tools do not work against you and your relationship with your business partners. Leave all the fluff out the door and let the form follow function. No more, no less.

The essentials

Our approach to B2B boils down to three principles we stay loyal to.

  • Trust and relationship come first.
  • Stuff should just work. We make sure tools do not become obstacles.
  • It’s important to know what can be simplified and what should not be.

Stakes are high, right tech matters

Whether on Magento 2, OroCommerce or any other platform, we know what it takes to create a successful B2B portal. Some of the key aspects that we focus on are:

  • Excellent search to let your partners find what they're looking for,
  • Impeccable UX: with bulk order forms, reorders, multiple order lists,
  • Customer specific product catalog and pricing with bulk discounts and price negotiation,
  • Flexible payment options: invoice, check, card on file, RFQ,
  • Process automation the way you want: through integration with all sorts of ERP, WMS, PIM/DAM, CMS and other systems,
  • Seamless access control.


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