Cloud solutions and Kubernetes

Learn about the benefits of moving your software stack to the cloud and Kubernetes. Kiwee team is ready to support you at any stage of this process.

Why move to Kubernetes?

We have been developing and deploying our projects in containers since 2016. It has reduced the costs of system operations and increased overall stability.

Kubernetes is a cluster orchestration system designed for containerized applications. It automates deployments, networking configuration, helps to improve optimal resource utilization. We find it ideally fitting to more advanced Magento 2 or Shopware multi-tier services architecture. It is designed to cope with a high number of users and transactions.

Migration of your application stack to a Kubernetes cluster opens up new possibilities:

  • You are not anymore tied to any specific cloud vendor. The majority of them support Kubernetes, including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, OVH Cloud, Hetzner Cloud, and on-premise.
  • Because of Kubernetes works with containers - dev, staging, and production clusters can hold the same configuration. It reduces bugs rate, simplifies testing, and improves the overall development cycle.
  • Kubernetes conducts rolling deployments, ensuring zero downtime as well as rollbacks.
  • A/B Testing with a canary deployment strategy.
  • Durability and self-healing - if an application instance goes down, Kubernetes takes care of replacing it with a new healthy one.
  • Automated scaling. Kubernetes reacts to traffic growth and adds new application replicas in seconds.
  • Future-proof - Kubernetes helps your software ecosystem grow in an organized way and controls all its elements.

Why migrate to cloud?

Migration of your application stack to a managed cloud has many advantages.

  • Cost control - you pay only for the resources that have been used depending on the demand, lower maintenance costs than on-premises.
  • Reliability - cloud guarantees less downtime, thanks to a multi-zonal architecture.
  • Scalability - add more resources (horizontal scaling) on-demand or automatically.
  • Auto-updates - no SysOps necessary anymore. A cloud provider can manage OS updates automatically.

Architecture design and consulting with Kiwee engineers

  • Kiwee team will design a complete infrastructure based on Kubernetes specifically for your application stack. We will do simulations, testing, and your team will get support and training from us.
  • We perform audits of existing infrastructures.
  • Our team will perform load testing, reliability, and end-to-end testing of your Kubernetes cluster to simulate how it would resist high traffic and random failures. Based on the results, we will recommend optimizations.
  • CI / CD Support. We will support your team in setting up continuous integration and deployment processes tailored to your Kubernetes cluster.

Magento 2 on Kubernetes cluster

It is super essential to make your Magento infrastructure future-proof, reliable, and performant.
Hosting your infrastructure under the control of Kubernetes will help in achieving these goals. Thanks to Kubernetes, you will get:

  • Better resource usage control,
  • Additional security,
  • Detailed monitoring,
  • Scalability,
  • Portability.

Our experienced team will configure the complete cluster of your entire Magento stack, which includes:

  • Configuring all necessary services - Varnish cache, Redis, MySQL server, Elasticsearch;
  • Preparing configuration tailored to your hosting provider. We have tested our solutions with AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, OVH Cloud, Hetzner Cloud, bare metal, on-premise;
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD);
  • Monitoring - to have hands-on infrastructure health;
  • Server logs management.

Check out our blog article about Magento 2 on Kubernetes Proof of Concept.

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