It’s all about efficiency. Automating ourselves out of tedious, boring stuff is part of our DNA. We pick and implement integrations that help businesses clean up, simplify and automate processes - to let you focus on what’s actually important.

The sum greater than its parts

Omnichannel, cross-border, content-driven – are these not becoming almost buzzwords? We simply make sure that all aspects of your business work nicely together, and that the tools do what’s important: help your customers find what they’re looking for, check out effortlessly, and have the goods delivered in the most convenient manner.

It’s all about the right match

Connecting two applications to each other is not rocket science - picking the right tool for the job is the challenging part. And we like challenges! Here are some of the integrations we can help you with:

  • Integrations with shipping/payment providers: either local ones or the big players
  • ERP / WMS for better resource planning and stock management
  • Automated connection to marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon
  • PIM / DAM for better control over product information and assets
  • CRM to help you stay on top of communication with your customers
  • Recommendation engines to help your customers discover more
  • CMS for unique content-driven experience
  • Dedicated full-text search engines
  • And of course email marketing, social commerce, reports and analytics and so much more.

The list is long but you can count on us to provide you with the most relevant set of tools that will fit your business - and of course we can develop custom software too!

We don’t limit ourselves to PHP.

We develop external services that support Magento-based shops using various platforms and languages like Java, Python, or MATLAB.

Ania Sawicka
CEO and co-owner

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