Nowadays eCommerce platform is not enough!

Rescue your team from Excel hell!

At same moment a complexity of an eCommerce platform caused by a number of products, language versions, sales channels is so high that it is impossible to effectively manage the products.
Central repository of product data ensures correct and relevant product information across multiple sales channels: online store, printing company, PR agencies, price comparison websites and others.
This will allow you to decrease the time of introducing new collection or set of products.
And here it is where Akeneo enters!
We have a huge experience with an integration of Magento with Akeneo.

Better search experience with Apache SOLR

Apache SOLR is one of our areas of expertise. At Kiwee we believe that customers deserve something more than slow, not relevant search results retrieved from a database. Are you interested in? Contact us!

AniaAnia SawickaCEO and co-owner

We don’t limit ourselves to PHP. With passion we develop external Magento services on platforms or languages like Java, .NET or MATLAB.

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