Solutions based on machine learning

The last few years belong to active development and dropping costs of cloud computing. Lower price opens new opportunities for machine learning, where lots of computational power is needed, specifically with computer vision, natural language, or processing big data.

Artificial intelligence can support businesses in many areas.

According to Gartner, the number of companies that implemented machine learning increased by 270% in the last few years. Netflix revealed that its movie recommender system brings the company $1 billion savings a year. 75% of Netflix movies and series are watched from recommendations.
Purchases through recommendations generate 35% of Amazon's total revenue.

We incorporate machine learning, statistics, optimization algorithms in our projects as an integral part of the solution. We build complete e-commerce solutions where machine learning is an essential element for solving specific tasks.

Customer segmentation

We group customers by analyzing their behavior on the website and the transactional data. It gives a better understanding of their preferences. Customer segmentation is crucial to provide accurate product recommendations.

Product Recommendations

Product Recommender AI analyzes customer behavior, buying preferences, year season, customer location, and more. It presents the most relevant and personalized set of products in real-time.

Content Personalization

We create personalized banners or entire landing pages. Empowered with A/B tests and product recommendations, it helps boost sales and increase the conversion rate.

Personalized Product Search Results

Relevant product search results have an unquestionable influence on sales. By analyzing customer behavior on the website, we leverage the search results and adjust them to the customer in real-time.

AI-driven chat-bots

AI-powered chatbots use natural language processing to understand the context of the questions provided. They can answer the programmed topics regardless of the question's grammar form.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision is a part of deep learning. It enables detecting and classifying objects in images or videos. It can automate numerous tasks that people do manually.

Check out our demo PWA app, which recognizes a dog breed from an uploaded picture.

We use technologies such as

pythontensorflowkerasScikit-learnGoogle Cloud


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