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Tickets75 is an innovative German online ticket agency, founded in 2006. They are on a mission of providing customers with best-in-class tickets ordering experience focusing on transparency and reliability.

Tickets75 provides shipping across the globe, exclusive tickets availability and no hidden costs in the process of ordering. Not a surprise that they have an excellent customer satisfaction score from hundreds of reviews on TrustPilot and

As a technical partner  of Tickets75 we've experiences their trustworthiness and highest business ethics ourselves. Our mutual collaboration included streamlining their website's performance, server infrastructure and creating custom software for their business needs.

Services we've provided:

Passion and commitment is what drives the Kiwee team. Their team spirit is exceptional and from the beginning on, we felt warmly welcomed and impressed by the team spirit in our development team, consisting of Kiwee and internal personnel. Their goal is to deliver high quality code, supported by professional project management and quality processes.

I enjoy working together with Kiwee, especially by contrast with other agencies that we have worked with before. They are dedicated to technology and to their work which means that day-to-day work is a lot of fun.

Jonas Stahl
Tickets75, Leipzig, Germany
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